Export Control

Export controls are U.S. laws and regulations for trade protection, foreign policy, or national security that regulate and restrict the release of critical technologies, data, and services to:

  • Foreign nationals inside and outside the United States
  • Foreign countries

This Export Control Decision Tree will walk you through a series of "Yes" or "No" questions, leading to a determination of whether or not an export control license is applicable to any particular situation. Remember that export controls may apply when an item, information or software is being sent outside US borders, or when it is being shared with "foreign persons or entities" in the US.

Questions? If you have a question or require assistance with an export control matter, please submit an Export Control Service Request Form. This will ensure that your request/question is noted, time stamped, and tracked. For follow up questions after submitting the form, please contact ec-team@berkeley.edu.

For assistance with understanding export controls and obtaining an export license if necessary, contact the Research Administration and Compliance Office.