Data Use Agreements

If you seek data for research from a third party, the Industry Alliances Office (IAO) will assist you by reviewing and executing your agreement.

A Data Use Agreement (DUA) is an agreement used to transfer research data from a providing party to a receiving party. A Data Access Agreement (DAA) is an agreement used to gain access to another party's secure data site and use the data there; no data transfer takes place.

Data agreements pose restrictions on use, and have intellectual property terms, publication requirements, and duties of confidentiality. Some agreements contain conditions and restrictions that require negotiation, while others have simple terms needing no changes. Use of the data may be subject to certain restrictions, such as privacy terms or export control restrictions. DUAs and DAAs for research must be reviewed and signed by the IAO before receiving or accessing the data. The IAO will ensure that the agreement UC Berkeley meets University policies and the policies of the provider, and safeguards you, your lab, your future rights, and the requirements of funding agencies.

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For more information, see IAO's research data use agreements page.

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